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Websocket Based Servers

WebSockets is an advanced technology that allows real-time interactive bidirectional communication between the client browser and a server. Our skilled team offers top-notch services in Websocket based servers

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Websocket Based Servers
WebSocket development services at Astaqc Technologies are creating a dynamic application that is advanced for dynamic WebSocket server pages. We represent a standard real-time communication protocol for better WebSocket server and client establishment. We have the ability to create compelling applications that will benefit our partners. We can easily establish a connection with a web socket server that will benefit your organization in every way. Our applications have quick functionality that ensures quick communication between sender and receiver. We create location-based applications, as well as multi-media chat features and online education applications. We can create web applications that are adaptable enough to meet the changing needs of your organization.

Why use WebSockets?
The main advantage of WebSockets is that a server can send data to clients as soon as it needs to. This could be the case when you receive an incoming message or when you receive notification that your pizza is ready for pickup. The server simply obtains the connections of the clients to whom it wishes to send data and then pushes the data through the channel. Our dynamic application supports both upstream and downstream communication, increasing business efficiency. We have a team of experienced web socket developers who are capable of creating applications that can influence the future of your business.

WebSockets are useful when real-time data must be sent and received from both ends of an application.

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Quick Turnaround

Our testing frameworks are built to integrate seamlessly with most applications, thus allowing us to quickly cover the use cases.


Experienced Team

With teams having years of experience working with different technologies and tools, you are always under an experts guidance.


Custom Solutions

Not every application is same, we at Astaqc understand it better and step outside the box to choose an aproach best suited for your application.


Transparent Reports

All our testing frameworks can quickly be integrated within your CI/CD ensure the tests are continuously running and results are quickly accessible.


No 1 By Clutch

We are delighted to announce that has ranked Astaqc as the No. 1 Software Testing Company & QA Staffing Agency in Mumbai.


Security Testing

Security has become a necessity and thus team at Astaqc continuously enhances the automated security test checks. Then, monitors the application for security flaws and highlights them well ahead.

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