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Our Automated testing services aim at reducing the testing time. Product quality is the primary concern of every new application or the latest versions released in the market. In the automation world, ASTAQC Engineers gives importance to automated testing services along with other testing methods. Our automated team works around the customer’s perspective to create an effective solution.

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Service Overview

Automated Testing is vital for any product. Typically, Software products fall into two categories, generic and custom. Therefore, we at ASTAQC understand the importance of both types of products. Aesthetic values of a product are the most important aspect to engage your customers.

Our testers are vigilant to capture the appearance and intuitiveness of the product. Though the automated tests verify the response of the data. The manual testing verifies the product, features, and responsiveness.

ASTAQC team chooses the testing phases as per the requirement of the product.

Regression and exploratory tests are of prime importance. Regression tests confirm the integrity of software as per the previous testing results. Exploratory tests validate the interaction of users with the working software. Integration and Acceptance tests are the final phases of testing for a product. These tests offer the ability to get the customer’s experience and test the boundaries. Our experienced testers set up complex systems and are experts in rigorous testing.

Defining the purpose and the needs of the product is the first step to proceed with manual testing. Our pillars of testing are:

  1. Attention to every pixel of UI.
  2. The detailed analysis of data.
  3. Verifying the overall functionality of the product.

Some of our case studies

Alt Agency

How we developed a whole QA process and set up a wide range of test coverage.

This digital agency had a very high reputation for building custom responsive websites for clients. They were having issues with the compatibility of the web across a range of devices. Also, they had a lot of customizations in their software.

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How we verified the functionality, performance, and usability of the application

Kumu is a social networking app with a live streaming feature. It is an application built to last which is being used by a wide variety of audiences and mobile setups. It was a challenge to run through all the devices Kumu could be used on. Verifying the functionality, performance, and usability of the application and its compatibility with a camera and audio features of the native devices was a challenge to overcome.

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Web Ideal

How we helped fix several UX, and other issues that made the work of Web Ideal team stand out even more

The client was working on a research sharing product ( Enlitech ) that contained highly confidential and expensive data with deep, thorough and objective observation of financial market / economy. The WebIdeal Team created a highly customer focused and intuitive UI/UX with right heat flows. The application was made with very stable functionality and easy to follow through process. Although the Web Ideal team created a very stable version of application, an unbiased review from a specialized team of software testers enabled to fix several UX, functional and security issues that made the work of Web Ideal team stand out even more, increased the client and end user satisfaction not only by saving money but by building a secure and customer friendly application.

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Services under Automated Testing

Functionality Testing

Guarantee a completely smooth workflow, therefore, an immaculate functionality . The ultimate goal for software is to run and sustain ideally.  However... More

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Usability Testing

Push the boundaries of your interface design. Thus, ensuring seamless usability..Software testing services are  often seen as the necessary evil... More

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Performance Testing

Test the limits of your system, therefore, allowing you to optimize the performance Software Tesing it’s an integral part of the development process to... More

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Compatibility Testing

Grant error-free versions, in addition to, ease of access For all the platforms you publish your applications to.Thus, testing provides an extra layer of integrity to the solution... More

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Website Testing

Websites are front-door of the internet. Thus, We provide expert website testing solution.The ultimate goal for software is to run and sustain ideally.. More

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Web Apps Testing

By testing the most complex of web apps, therefore building . The ultimate goal for software is to run and sustain ideally. Thus, testing provides an extra layer of integrity to the solution... More

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Configuration Testing

Configuration Testing is one of the most essential types of software testing. In this type of software testing, the product / feature / application is checked... More

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Integration Testing

Integration Testing is one of the most important types of software testings. This service usually tests how the functionality works when two or more units... More

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No Code Web Automation

With our no code web automation, you get a suite of your web automation tests for desktop and mobile screens, covering all your regression tests.. More

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Don’t take our word for it. See what our past clients say.

“Very helpful and the best software testing company”

They were a very helpful resource during our multiple regression test cycles for our add-on product build using machine learning. Paid good attention to the critical test cases

Jim Carter III

Co Founder - Giving Assistant

"Very professional and ethical company"

I have worked with Astaqc Consulting for over a year, and have found the team to be very professional and ethical. They do a fabulous job of all takes to get the work done. Astaqc is very customer-focused

Vinny Sharma

CEO of Sare Food

“Goes beyond and above for quality”

I had a wonderful experience. Astaqc goes above and beyond to ensure quality.​ They have been nothing but the best when it comes to customer satisfaction and assurety of the quality of work and application

Hari Haran Arulmozhi

Co Founder - Spony App

"Highly reconmended team"

Astaqc is great team to work with. Highly reconmended! they've helped us with testing of our marketing application when we were in a crunch situation.

Ewa Wang

PM - Chatdaddy

“Great consultancy to work with”

ASTAQC is a great consultancy to work with. They can work independently and deliver the results requested.

Jeff Jarrell


"Super responsive and knowledgeable"

They're fab. Super responsive, knowledgeable, hard working, know they're stuff. Great to work with them.

Luke Kitchen

Director - Robinsons FS

“Pleasure to work with them”

It is a pleasure to work with them. They have been delivering good quality of work time and again for almost 2 and a half years, which is very important for a product like ours. I look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Frouke Karel

PM - Castor SMS

"Communicative and responsive team"

I would highly recommend them, they were very communicative and responsive and did a great job testing my app. Thank you for your hard work!

Rachel Dexter

Founder of Health App

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