Backend Development

Backend Development

Nearly every website or application depends on backend development services. Our talented development team offers top-notch backend services for various businesses. We can design and set up reliable backends, as well as perform any necessary backend tasks.

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Service Overview

Our backend web development services include creating scalable, fault-tolerant back ends for enterprise systems, complex web applications, IoT infrastructure, VoIP solutions, and web portals, to mention a few. We can also assist you in integrating your legacy system with third-party services and applications. We create back-end solutions with elastic computing capacity, allowing your system to scale naturally with the best cloud platforms in the industry. We also assist in the migration of your legacy back-end systems to public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Back-end technical audit:
We can undertake a full back-end audit, uncover inefficiencies, and overhaul your infrastructure, architecture, coding, and data schemas to assist you in optimizing your existing application or migrating a legacy system to a new environment.

End-to-end encryption:
Our back-end solutions are built with the most dependable mechanisms (ensuring data protection both in transit and at rest) and can securely transmit data between integrated components of your systems or apps.

Astaqc team creates backend solutions that scale naturally based on your business requirements.

We ensure the smooth development of each solution's backend by utilising advanced, battle-tested technologies and performing constant architecture and technology refinement in concert with load testing.

Some of our case studies

Bussiness Friend

How we helped Businessfriend to develop a whole QA process and set up TCOe.

A new age all in one business connection and communication platform launched as both web and mobile apps. It had several issues like compatibility, functionality and cross-browser issues. Which all led to errors and issues in the application.

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Sare Food

How we had to make sure applications were compatible with all major browsers and were free from defects and highly usable

Sarefood is an upcoming giant in the food industry that uses a web and mobile application to order custom made food by local professional chefs. With a series of releases going live to both customers and chefs, Sarefood always wanted to give the best experience to both. Thus Astaqc had to make sure the applications were compatible with all major browsers and were free from defects and highly usable and easy to navigate. Challenges that Sarefood had: UI Consistency throughout Web, Mobile web and tablet browsers. Payment Distribution to parties (Admin, Chefs, and Delivery Service Provider). Amount calculation: Food charges, tax, delivery charges, security deposit, coupons, gift cards, etc.

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United Nations

How we developed whole QA process and set up Test Centre Of Excellence

Being One of the most Prestigious Organisations,the UN has a dedicated IT and Development team. Applications created by the UN are used by the internal team in many countries for all International conferences and bilateral meetings and everything that revolves around the activity. Along with that, there are other organizations like UNESCO who also rely on the UN for their technological advances. With all this and continuous changes and security updates that the IT & Development team works on brings about a lot of issues and bugs in the system, which makes it difficult to release software while maintaining the optimum quality.

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Services Under Backend Development

Rest API Development

We create cloud-based backends with REST APIs to give your customers access to your product on any device from anywhere in the globe.... More

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Graphql API Development

With the aid of our GraphQL development services, experience the sense of real-time data and create scalable and automated GraphQL ... More

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Websocket based servers

WebSockets is an advanced technology that allows real-time interactive bidirectional communication between the client browser and a server.... More

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Relevant Technologies used by us

Nest js
Node js
Vue js

Don’t take our word for it. See what our past clients say.

“Very helpful and the best software testing company”

They were a very helpful resource during our multiple regression test cycles for our add-on product build using machine learning. Paid good attention to the critical test cases

Jim Carter III

Co Founder - Giving Assistant

"Very professional and ethical company"

I have worked with Astaqc Consulting for over a year, and have found the team to be very professional and ethical. They do a fabulous job of all takes to get the work done. Astaqc is very customer-focused

Vinny Sharma

CEO of Sare Food

“Goes beyond and above for quality”

I had a wonderful experience. Astaqc goes above and beyond to ensure quality.​ They have been nothing but the best when it comes to customer satisfaction and assurety of the quality of work and application

Hari Haran Arulmozhi

Co Founder - Spony App

"Highly reconmended team"

Astaqc is great team to work with. Highly reconmended! they've helped us with testing of our marketing application when we were in a crunch situation.

Ewa Wang

PM - Chatdaddy

“Great consultancy to work with”

ASTAQC is a great consultancy to work with. They can work independently and deliver the results requested.

Jeff Jarrell


"Super responsive and knowledgeable"

They're fab. Super responsive, knowledgeable, hard working, know they're stuff. Great to work with them.

Luke Kitchen

Director - Robinsons FS

“Pleasure to work with them”

It is a pleasure to work with them. They have been delivering good quality of work time and again for almost 2 and a half years, which is very important for a product like ours. I look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Frouke Karel

PM - Castor SMS

"Communicative and responsive team"

I would highly recommend them, they were very communicative and responsive and did a great job testing my app. Thank you for your hard work!

Rachel Dexter

Founder of Health App

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