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No Code Web Automation

With our no code web automation, you get a suite of your web automation tests for desktop and mobile screens, covering all your regression tests, functionality tests and performance reports.

What’s Included?

Up to 10,000 test runs per month

Test maintenance and reporting

Up to 10 new tests per month ( $100 per 10 there after)

Dedicated Support

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Get your suite of automation tests

Your automated tests come with a hosted server from our partner that boasts the test runs of up to 10,000 per month in this plan. Our test team will setup your test server, create the initial suite of tests and schedule them as per your requirements. You will receive daily/weekly/monthly updates on the test runs, the tests guarantees downtime report within 30minutes.Our team will review and maintain the existing tests and add any additional scenarios every month(up to 10).

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Our Process

We have helped clients in the following areas

Our Mission is to help companies build softwares that are high quality and safe for end users.


1. Save resources

Save Time and Therefore, Money In Stressful Projects .This our company has been doing successfully for many years.


2. Reduce various risks

Reduce Risks Of Critical Problems And, Therefore, Stabilise The Process. Want this? Message us now with your requirements.


3. Reach and exceed end goals

In addition, Reach Their End Goals & Exceed Them Further. You want a dedicated , professional and up to the task team to handle your project? Astaqc is the right call for you.


4. Relieve a lot of stress

In Conclusion, relieve the stress of Testing Through An Expert Service. We relieve all stress of Testing and problems associated with it. Astaqc is here for you.

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