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What is Managed Testing Service?

Avanish Pandey

October 10, 2022

What is Managed Testing Service?

Managed Testing Service companies are highly in demand, When every industry is going digital, it is now a necessity to maintain a high-quality product and services.

Managed Testing Services company like Astaqc does this for you 

Astaqc Consulting – An unbiased and independentsuccess partner, delivering high-quality services at the most affordable rates in the market, our out of the box approach and Client success framework has quickly brought us on the top of this highly focused niche. Our 360° Software Testing and Quality Assurance services for global enterprises and SMEs across industries from headquarters Mumbai, India, and support teams that are present in USA, Europe and other parts of the world has empowered us to serve our clients in the way they receive the most of our services. We bring all our experience to projects synergy for our clients. The growth of our business is a consequence of its customers’ success.

Some of our top driven services include:

One-Stop Testing Solution:

·        We create a testing team for you,

·        Comprising of Engineers to handle all aspects of testing,

·        Services include;

·        Behavioral driven testing (domain-specific),

·        End to end testing with completely automated regression tests for fast feedback

·        Regular Performance testing with a mitigation report

·        Regular Security audit with resolutions.

Dedicated Engineers:

·        You choose from the pool of our engineers and create a team

·        They participate in their development/testing activities

·        Complete control of their job roles and activities

·        We manage hiring, resources, and continuous support of team availability, close to 0 downtimes.

Solution-based Testing:

·        We review your requirements

·        Provide solutions to your current testing requirements

·        Services to choose from:

·        Automated Testing solutions, with a framework that integrates within your unit testing project.

·        Performance Testing solutions, with a choice to use cloud-based, open-source, or licensed tools according to your need.

·        On-demandand in-demand Security audits for your applications.

·        Manual testing solution sas per your need.

Avanish Pandey

October 10, 2022


CEO and Founder of Astaqc consulting, successfully running the company successfully over the years. His technical know how and skills include: C#, Java, Python, Javascript, Selenium, Cypress, GhostInspector, RestSharp, Postman, Newman, Jmeter.

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