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Geo Location Testing

What is Geolocation Testing?

Avanish Pandey

September 26, 2022

What is Geolocation Testing?

Geolocation Testing For Applications and Web Services Introduction

Geolocation Testing for web services and application is the way to make sure your application serves the right purpose. Although, you can do this by yourself or with the help of Software Testing Experts. Because It is very important to know how your application looks to people from all over the places.

When we test the application from different locations and IP’s to check the behaviour we call it geolocation testing, we do this testing to ensure consistency of the application.

What Does Geolocation testing involve?

Geolocation testing involves testing software or web services from a set of IPs belonging to different countries. Take this as an example, when you search for restaurants from your current location, you would expect to get results from nearby locations and if you search the same thing from another location the results should be displayed from the current location. Geolocation testing focuses on these changes.

Why Is Geolocation Testing Important?

Any application is like a mirror, Others should see it as you see it.

  1. To make sure the application is similar
  2. To make sure the application is available every
  3. Gain a competitive
  4. Geo-blocking to display content as per Country
How to perform it regularly?

The number of users and customers have increased a lot over the years. Companies are fighting with huge competition in each part of the industry.

In the digital era, where people get all the knowledge online, digital marketing using targeting boosts sales and delivery. Great engineering in addition to geolocation testing by a dedicated team of software testers is a need today. This makes sure the end-user gets a personalised experience as per his exact place.

Digital Software Testing Experts’ are driving the Software Industry to implement a successful business strategy. It is very vital to have a specialised team to do the analysis. This strategy when implemented and completed successfully leads to global expansion. People accessing the application from different location could be using them on different browsers and machines. Thus to test it on all the digital platforms is very important. Keeping in mind the location of the intended audience. A team of software testers can easily perform this. Since they have the expertise and resources like Lambdatest and cross-browser along with the experience of using them to perfection.

How to make sure Web services are stable, find and fix bugs, ensure the highest system uptime?

Making sure every location gets the appropriate information as per their geography and location is the motive behind this testing.

Geolocation location testing also helps in managing the performance of web services. We can do this by testing web-services with the use of tools like Postman, Swagger, SOAP-UI, Jmeter regularly. Setup and maintenance of all these tools require a highly skilful team. We at Astaqc Consulting, perform all these in our software testing service packages. When all these reports are available regularly it becomes easy to manage and track any outbreaks and fix issues quickly.

It is more of a practice than just an experiment when we have a Specialised team of experts. They follow up with these things regularly.

Advantages of geolocation testing

  1. Improves customer experience,
  2. Reduces Failures in production,
  3. Reduce and remove security issues
What is Geotargeting In Geolocation testing?

SERP(Search Engine Result Pages) use geotargeting to filter best matching results according to the geolocation.

Not every location will produce the same search results when tested on any of the search engines. To confirm this we use tools and configuration to emulate multiple locations. Then using these settings we check for the results of the same searches and create a report. This will then help in enhancing product reachability.

Geotargeting helps in both positive and negative results. Sometimes, a search engine might index your pages in wrong geographies which creates false traffic. This results in poor results of the site.

With Geotarteging we constantly keep a check on all the results and alarm the team early. This helps in fixing any issues in applications of web services in the earlier stages.

What is Geofencing in Geolocation testing?

Geofencing helps in restricting access to a resource or information based on the geolocation coordinates. Notification services use this technique to inform only the targetted audience, without spamming other locations. Geofencing Testing Includes setup of the location-based configuration. Then testing the ability of the application to provide the Expected Outcome under the current environment. For eg., if you want to test that when a person moves into a certain geographical location the application must trigger a notification.

When left unchecked this may cause a huge loss of resources and reputation. For companies like Amazon, Uber, Uber-eats it is very important. Since all these companies are located worldwide. They have a different customer base and products for them. Thus everything that they create must be tested for geofencing.

Advantages of Geofencing testing

  1. Cutting down unnecessary
  2. Ensuring correct information to users
  3. Remove any spamming and false
What is Geotagging in Geolocation testing?

When we share something that has map coordinates of the geolocation attached to it, we call it geotagging. Since most of the people use maps online today to find and reach places. Ensuring the correct location is visible on the geotagging is very important. We use geotagging to test all these functionalities. Some of the examples of geotagging are posting pictures on social media and sharing our current location. As a result, finding relevant information and things has become relatively easy because of geotagging.

Why do we need it?

We take the help of geotagging done to the location to display optimised results based on the search location of the user. We use this for posts, pictures, restaurants and nearby locations, for instance. This is particularly helpful restaurants, entertainment industries, social media promoters.

What is Geoblocking?

To impose restrictions on access to certain resources we use geoblocking. Let’s consider this as an eg., a lot of states in the United States have use of cannabis legal but a lot of other parts of the country has it completely banned, so if you’re an industry which wants to promote products you would want to consider geoblocking  your application for those regions to ensure you are not landing in any trouble, there are many similar instances where you need to test that the access to site is dependent on the location of user.

How can you perform Geolocation Testing?

You can perform Geolocation Testing with the use of applications that provide a simulation of such an environment; some of the popular apps being browserstack, lambda test, etc.

Although, hiring a team that has access to all the resources and environment setups can speed up the process of geolocation testing.

At Astaqc we have preconfigured environments and setup that we provide as special plans. These are inclusive of access to a lot of pre-installed browsers and locations.

Avanish Pandey

September 26, 2022


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