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Mobile application Testing

Top 17 Things to Note When Mobile Application Testing

Avanish Pandey

October 20, 2022

Top 17 Things to Note When Mobile Application Testing

Things to Note When Mobile Application Testing, Mobile devices seem to have seamlessly transitioned from an ordinary means of communication into business tools of strategic importance. Further, with the advent of technology each day, our generation seems hopelessly hooked to their mobile smartphones, with no solution in sight.

That is why we believe mobile applications are the perfect way to infiltrate the attention arena of people and achieve business goals!

Benefits of Mobile Application

  1. Pedal personalized content and strengthen customer engagement
  2. Increase a brand’s accessibility
  3. Transform the retail experience
  4. Build brand awareness and recognition
  5. Cultivate customer loyalty

While businesses appreciate the privileges that mobile apps promise, the question remains, how many get them, right? The answer is ‘hardly any!’

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Things to Note When Mobile Application Testing: Benefits of Mobile Application Testing

The app testing process allows the app development team at a business to run an app through a testing phase. Further, the mobile app testing process sheds light on the need to implement suitable tweaks to a mobile app to meet realistic customer requirements.

While it is a crucial stage in every mobile application development process, mobile app testing can be a bit troublesome for businesses, especially in the case of limited-scale projects. Additionally, it is often seen as an overhead on the budget by business leaders. They thus conveniently overlook the multi-faceted advantages that effective mobile application testing brings along. However, skipping mobile app testing may cause severe damage in the later stages of development.

Astaqc offers end to end mobile application testing services at cost-effective pricing. Also, we help companies scale-up and scale-out, ensuring that the app products they build are prolific. Therefore, we follow an all- encompassing testing process to test mobile Apps. In other words, we adhere to the ever-evolving needs of mobile-app-centric businesses in the most proficient ways through our mobile application testing services.

"Software testing is easy until things start to break." -Avanish Pandey Tweet

Here are the essential aspects that mobile app testing entails:

  1. Mobile Application Testing
  2. Web Application Testing mobile Application Testing
  3. Mobile App Testing: An Expense or Saving?
  4. Mobile Application Testing Tools
  5. Types of mobile app testing
  6. Automated Mobile App Testing
  7. Responsiveness Testing
  8. Usability Testing
  9. Performance Testing
  10. Compatibility Testing
  11. Storage (stress) Testing
  12. Hinderance Testing
  13. Functionality Testing
  14. Security Testing
  15. 508c Testing
  16. Integration Testing
  17. Localization Testing
  18. Mobile Device Testing
  19. Installation Testing

How Can ASTAQC help your Mobile App business?

To begin with, an exponential increase in mobile usage has led to a widespread demand for mobile testing. In the first place, mobile testing is more complex than testing traditional desktop and web applications. As a result comes with its own set of challenges. By all means, the biggest challenge of application testing is that there are innumerous types of mobile devices on the market. In fact, mobile devices come in different size, shape, software version as well as hardware. Under such circumstances businesses should test mobile apps on enough devices to ensure that the majority of your users are happy. Accordingly, even changes in the netw0rk settings pose significant challenges for mobile app businesses. For this reason businesses need to ensure that the mobile app works when a user needs it.

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Avanish Pandey

October 20, 2022


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