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Automation Testing

Automation Testing for Mobile Applications

Avanish Pandey

October 28, 2022

Automation Testing for Mobile Applications

Automation Testing for Mobile Applications Mobile apps is set to hit the $57 billion marks in direct revenue to mobile app developers in 2022. Even app businesses with years of experience sometimes fail to keep pace with the demand of the users. More and more app development companies are looking for ways to speed up the process of releasing an app to market, simultaneously laying emphasis on its quality. Business looking for ways to produce a high quality mobile app fast enough, count on mobile automation testing. They leverage mobile automation testing tools to speed up the development and test process for delivering higher quality apps.

Further, a singular check of functionality is never enough for wholesome mobile application testing. A successful Test Design is recurrent in nature. Even top mobile app testing companies find it challenging to conduct manual mobile app testing because of the repetitiveness of effort required. Additionally, counting on manual tests solely to find bugs in the user interface of a mobile app is often time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone.

It’s excellent how mobile automation testing uses automation testing frameworks to test mobile apps creatively. With an automation framework, a mobile app testing company can test mobile apps in virtually any simulated mobile device environment. Moreover, using a test automation framework eases loan off the shoulders off QA testers at a mobile app testing service. Again, automated model-based testing of mobile apps involves detailed, repetitive, and data-intensive tests. Thus, using mobile automation testing tools shortens its time to market and gives it a competitive edge.

Why is Automation Testing an Integral Part of Every mobile App Development Process?

The surge in smartphone penetration and the rise in the time spent on mobile devices has made a seamless mobile app experience a necessity. The success of testing effort depends on the type of testing a business settles for. Frequent new releases further make it difficult to test mobile applications through manual testing. The use of a suitable mobile automation testing software can help companies to ensure that the final experience is prolific. Thus, a mobile app testing company should use automation tools to test a mobile app efficiently.

Again the use of automation testing frameworks enhances the overall quality of mobile applications. Further, companies that count on mobile app testing online aim to get useful reusable test assets to attain maximum test coverage. Thus to minimize time & efforts that go into mobile application testing, they settle for automation testing. Mobile automation testing includes checking regression work, GUI, and other functionalities in a fuss-free manner.

Types of Mobile Automation Testing

There are different types of test suites that can be automated.

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Smoke Testing
  3. Functional Testing
  4. Integration Testing
  5. Regression Testing
  6. API Testing
  7. Security Testing

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Automation Testing Best Practices that ASTAQC Team Swears By

Several mobile automation testing tools serve as a practical resource for businesses looking to offer flawless user experiences quickly.

Enlisted below are mobile automation testing best practices that will help businesses improve the product quality and maximize their return on investment for an app business:

Space for Empathy in mobile app testing

The use of mobile automation testing tools should not lead the mobile app development process away from user expectations. Employ testers who can empathize well with the end-user. They should have the potential to envision the problems an end-user could face. Very often, app developers are so familiar with the apps that they are blind to the way it appears to an end-user. Being empathetic with the end-user enhances the test scripts for mobile app testing. Pick a mobile test automation software that caters to diverse mobile platforms and covers multiple scenarios.

Automate the Setup for Data

Automation testers need to fulfill certain pre-conditions before running tests. For example, they need to create user profiles, fake history, and so on. Because of the multitude of tasks involved, it can be more work than the test itself.

At ASTAQC, we believe that the end-to-end test setup does need to be checked, but not every time. That is why we recommend that for a large amount of setup code, testers must consider a database export/import feature. Such features can create a text file by user, account, or group. In the end, this invariably speeds test automation and streamlines manual setup for retesting, etc.

Know How Much to Automation 

Steering your test automation efforts towards ‘100% automation’ can be an expensive proposition. As a matter of fact, testers end up automating the mobile app code. In other words, they ensure that the code never breaks, yet it changes often. Conclusively, this leads to high-maintenance effort and slows down rerunning. We have seen many test automation efforts collapse eventually in spite of a great kick start.

The ASTAQC team believes that in case of reduced the regression rate, have just enough GUI checks to see if anything substantial broke. Additionally, proceed with human testing for new risks.

Diversify the Device Quotient in mobile app automation testing

Automation testers must run checks on multiple devices. For instance, ancient devices can have compatibility problems; specific old browsers may have different interpretations of JavaScript, etc. Thus, use cloud-based phones and a script, so that you can run several devices overnight and get efficient results.

Play the videos of an overnight test run and accelerate the playback to four to 16x speed. Sometimes, you can rotate the videos by the device. Thus, this method can help cover a dozen devices over a short span.

"Software testers do not make software; they only make them better."-Anonymous

Why ASTAQC for Automation Testing?

ASTAQC is a mobile application testing company that uses vivid automation testing frameworks. Our clients benefit from the best test automation frameworks & tools that we leverage in order to provide high-quality services like mobile automation testing. Likewise, our test managers develop test strategies that easily integrate with various testing tools. For that reason, we conduct mobile automation testing using appium and even mobile automation testing using selenium. Again we focus on diversifying the mobile app testing process to save time for our products.

Also, we keep release cycles on schedule & within the prescribed budget. Similarly, we work on increasing our client business’s release velocity, reducing their time to market. Thus, our team streamlines the overall testing effort to fetch a significant return on investment (ROI).


Avanish Pandey

October 28, 2022


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