February 2021

How we made fixes and automation for continuous releases for a multi-hospital environment

Castor SMS is a top-rated Study Management System. It captures and centralizes all or your organization’s research projects on a cloud-based study management system. It has three parts to it one being tracking progress, other being controlling and collaborating and third being security and accessibility. Castor’s main goals is to help the client stay on top of their research projects. Thousands of medical devices, biotech, and academic researchers around the world are using Castor. It is a company founded by Derk Arts which has its headquarters in Amsterdam. Castor’s platform has supported more than 4,000 commercial and academic studies that cover a broad range of disease areas including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rare diseases, and oncology.




ExtJs, JavaScript, Typescript, REST


Jira, Zephyr and Testrail, TestCafe and Siesta, Postman, Jenkins

Test types


Internet Explorer Chrome Safari Firefox

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Project Overview

The client had continuous releases for multi-hospital environments. Due to the increase in the number of hospitals, there were a lot of cases where there were data-related errors. Data Issues were coming up due to a variety of setups for multi-hospital environments. These issues were due to the use of the application in confined environments. The client needed some fixes and automation for their entire process of testing in their continuous releases.

Why Us

The founder of Castor found a major problem in medical research. Due to the unavailability of affordable noncompliant alternatives for tracking progress and collaborating ,Castor came up with their own Study Management System. To stay at the top in the market it needs trustworthy software systems for their business processes. Testing plays an important role in building any software system and launching it in the market. The complexity of the business then makes it furthermore difficult for testing to happen without any error. ASTAQC is a compilation of professional software testers with extensive experience in Quality Assurance. It specializes in providing end-to-end application testing solutions, setting up Testing Center of Excellence (CoE’s), Niche testing, quality QA strategies at optimal cost and delivery at the right time.


Solutions provided by Astaqc Consulting to its prestigious client are:

  • We Created a set of reusable high coverage tests that were made to run on all the installs.
  • The entire process above was automated so that the process can include continuous integrations.
  • A set of API tests were created so that the tests can cover all the functionality extensively.
  • The above process was created so that the result can be executed in a short span of time.

Project Result

Benefits given by Astaqc Consulting to its prestigious client:

  • Earlier the number of hotfixes were around 5 and this was brought down to as low as 0.
  • The above was made possible from the first iteration itself.
  • By doing this most of the bugs got resolved in the functional cycle itself.
  • By doing such automation runs, the system keeps a check on the changes constantly and reports accordingly
  • The entire process was quite cost-effective and reduced the cost of fixing that Castor was giving.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our past clients say.

“Very helpful and the best software testing company”

They were a very helpful resource during our multiple regression test cycles for our add-on product build using machine learning. Paid good attention to the critical test cases

Jim Carter III

Co Founder - Giving Assistant

"Very professional and ethical company"

I have worked with Astaqc Consulting for over a year, and have found the team to be very professional and ethical. They do a fabulous job of all takes to get the work done. Astaqc is very customer-focused

Vinny Sharma

CEO of Sare Food

“Goes beyond and above for quality”

I had a wonderful experience. Astaqc goes above and beyond to ensure quality.​ They have been nothing but the best when it comes to customer satisfaction and assurety of the quality of work and application

Hari Haran Arulmozhi

Co Founder - Spony App

"Highly reconmended team"

Astaqc is great team to work with. Highly reconmended! they've helped us with testing of our marketing application when we were in a crunch situation.

Ewa Wang

PM - Chatdaddy

“Great consultancy to work with”

ASTAQC is a great consultancy to work with. They can work independently and deliver the results requested.

Jeff Jarrell


"Super responsive and knowledgeable"

They're fab. Super responsive, knowledgeable, hard working, know they're stuff. Great to work with them.

Luke Kitchen

Director - Robinsons FS

“Pleasure to work with them”

It is a pleasure to work with them. They have been delivering good quality of work time and again for almost 2 and a half years, which is very important for a product like ours. I look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Frouke Karel

PM - Castor SMS

"Communicative and responsive team"

I would highly recommend them, they were very communicative and responsive and did a great job testing my app. Thank you for your hard work!

Rachel Dexter

Founder of Health App

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